Negotiating for Your Vinyl Siding Cost Estimate

Negotiating for Your Vinyl Siding Cost Estimate

When you have a vinyl siding contractor visit your home to give you a cost estimate, you need to be prepared to do a little negotiating for the best price. Ask the contractor to break your cost estimate down into non-negotiable "hard" costs and negotiable costs. Following are a few charges that might fit into each of the two categories. Sometimes, just being proactive lets the contractor know that you expect his best bid.

Vinyl Siding Cost Estimate - Not Negotiable

  • Rental of a garbage container for old vinyl siding (if remodeling)
  • Building permit
  • Cost of the vinyl siding and all necessary support pieces for installation and trimming (J-channels, starter strips, finish strips, soffits, fascia, shutters, nails, inside corners, outside corners, hydrants, outlets, and vents)

Vinyl Siding Cost Estimate - Negotiable

  • Mark-up by the vinyl siding contractor above the actual cost of the necessary materials. If possible, arrange to see the invoices for your project's materials.
  • Cost of labor--ask your contractor how much the laborers and supervisors are paid hourly to see if you believe the wages are reasonable.
  • Profit margin--the contractor is running his business for profit. But how much profit? See if you can find out what percentage the contractor is trying to make. Does it seem fair?

If negotiating is not your strong suit, ask a family member or friend for help. Arrange to have a strong negotiator at your meeting to give you support.

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