Protect your vinyl siding cost: Use pre-screened contractors

Protect your vinyl siding cost: Use pre-screened contractors

Just about everyone looks for a low price when hiring a contractor to install vinyl siding on their home, but is that the only criterion that matters? Using an unqualified contractor because they had the lowest bid can be a sure way to quickly exceed your remodeling budget. While the vast majority of contractors are reputable, hiring one of the few bad apples may cause your vinyl siding cost to skyrocket.

Pre-screened contractors and your vinyl siding cost

What exactly is pre-screening and how can it affect your final vinyl siding cost? The process can vary, but in many cases pre-screening involves verifying a contractor's reputation and credentials:

  1. Licenses -- While not all localities issue a license to install vinyl siding, they are a requirement in many cities and counties. If your jurisdiction falls into the latter category, pre-screening can help ensure your siding contractor has the proper documents.
  2. Insurance -- Most states require contractors who do home improvement projects to carry a certain level of liability insurance coverage. The amount can vary depending on their specialty, but it should be enough to cover any damage they may do to your home.
  3. Bonding -- While bonds aren't normally used for residential projects, they can still be a good indicator of a contractor's financial stability and overall reputation. If your siding contractor has been bonded, you can be fairly sure they aren't going to suddenly disappear in the middle of your project.

While it might be tempting to go with the lowest bid, using an inexperienced or uninsured installer may lead to a very unpleasant surprise. That great price can quickly escalate if items were left out of your estimate or the contractor's crews cause damage to your home. Hiring a siding contractor who has been pre-screened for licenses, insurance and bonding* can swing the odds that your project has a happy ending into your favor.

*See terms and conditions on http://www.streetcertified.com/about/Terms.jsp

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