From bargain to upscale, siding cost makes the grade

From bargain to upscale, siding cost makes the grade

One way to save money on your home siding project is to pick the most appropriate siding grade for the job. Check out the three major vinyl siding grades to estimate siding costs.

  1. Value Vinyl Siding: Also known as "builder's grade" siding, this is the least expensive option. This siding cost is bargain-priced, because it is the thinnest available with the fewest color choices. Value grade siding is typically .40" thick and is best-suited for mild climates that do not experience excessively high winds. Value vinyl siding is susceptible to warping or sagging, if not installed correctly. Value vinyl siding typically costs $4.40 to $4.50 per square foot, installed.

    Common value vinyl siding brands include the following:

    • CertainTeed's Wolverine Newtown and Wolverine Encore lines
    • Exterior Portfolio by Crane's American Dream Edge brand
    • Mastic Home Exterior's Trademark and Brentwood products
  2. Mid-Range Vinyl Siding: This is generally considered standard grade vinyl siding. At about .042" to .046" thick, standard grade vinyl siding is thicker than value grade and is offered in more colors, than value vinyl siding. Wood grain textures can also be molded into the siding for a traditional look. Expect to pay between $4.60 to $4.75 per square foot, installed, for mid-range vinyl siding.

    Some popular, mid-range vinyl siding choices:

    • CertainTeed's Wolverine American Legend and Main Street lines
    • Exterior Portfolio by Crane's Parkview and Market Square brands
    • Mastic Home Exterior's Charleston Beaded and Silhouette Classic lines
  3. Premium Vinyl Siding: Premium siding is the thickest of the siding grades with panels that are usually .46" to .050" thick. The panels also are often longer, which make for an attractive installation. The extra thickness of the panels makes the siding more resistant to very high wind conditions that can pull thinner siding off of the house. Insulated vinyl siding is a premium product that can reduce energy loss in your home and reduces heating and cooling costs. Premium vinyl siding has the highest range of siding costs. Most premium vinyl siding costs between $4.75 to $5.25 per square foot, installed, but insulated vinyl siding can cost up to $6.00 to $6.50 per square foot, installed.

    Some premium vinyl siding options worth consideration:

    • CertainTeed's Monogram 46
    • CedarBoards Insulated Vinyl Siding lines
    • Exterior Portfolio by Crane's Premium Pointe 360
    • Mastic Home Exteriors' Quest
    • Structure EPS Insulated Siding options

The siding grade you pick should be determine by the weather conditions in your region, the color and style you want, and the money you have to spend. Fortunately, the variety of vinyl siding choices available makes it easy to find the perfect vinyl siding, whatever your budget.

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