Vinyl siding cost makes faux brick a natural choice

Vinyl siding cost makes faux brick a natural choice

If you drive through a neighborhood and look at the various homes' foundations, there's a chance that a few may stand out from the rest. When a builder constructs a house with a partially exposed basement, the exterior of the concrete or block is normally just painted to match the siding above it and the end result is sometimes less than attractive. However, on that same street there may be a few homes with brick veneer foundations, and it's usually very easy to see what a difference this option can make to the overall appearance of the house.

Tips for adding faux brick siding to your foundation

Real brick veneer is heavy and must be supported by either a concrete footing or a brick ledge created in the foundation. Adding the material to an existing home is an expensive proposition. However, faux brick has the look of the real thing without the weight so it doesn't require any special support. Faux brick siding is normally sold in panels that can vary in size depending on manufacturer, but in most cases are around 48"-wide-by-20"- to 24"-tall. They can be applied to your foundation by adhesive, nails or screw-type fasteners.

Faux brick can be very DIY-friendly and if you're installing the material while adding vinyl to the main part of your home, shouldn't add much to your vinyl siding cost. There is a wide range in pricing for the panels, but it's possible to find very realistic faux brick siding for about $20 to $30 per panel. If the front of your home is about 50 feet long and there are about 18 inches of exposed foundation in that area, installing the panels could add about $350 to your vinyl siding cost--a small price to pay for covering that painted concrete. Faux brick siding can also be used for the following projects:

  1. Covering exterior columns
  2. Accents under windows
  3. Around a front door to create a dramatic entryway

Faux brick can be a great way to add the beauty of masonry to your home without the associated work and expense.




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