Waterproofing: Add it to your siding cost

Waterproofing: Add it to your siding cost

Does the type of siding you choose have an effect on protecting your home from moisture? Actually, siding materials are all pretty much the same in that they provide resistance to moisture, but don't really waterproof your home. Brick veneer, fiber cement and even vinyl siding can allow water to penetrate their protective barrier and cause expensive damage to your house. Just about all exterior veneers are primarily cosmetic -- that's why it's very important that your siding cost includes waterproofing your home.

Including waterproofing in your siding cost

Your siding estimate probably lists materials and the labor to install them on your home, or it could be just a lump sum figure for doing the entire job. Is the waterproofing included? The only way to know for sure is to ask the siding contractors who provide your estimates to do a complete breakdown of their siding cost.

While new wood, fiber cement or vinyl siding can give your home a beautiful facelift, having to constantly remove the cladding to repair leaks can quickly grow old and expensive. You should check for these waterproofing items when reviewing your siding contractors' estimates:

  1. Sheathing. If the existing siding is being removed, all of your home's sheathing should be inspected for holes, tears, and any areas where water intrusion could be an issue. Extremely damaged pieces of sheathing should be replaced, but minor defects can normally be repaired.
  2. Flashing. All penetrations from the exterior to the inside of your home should be flashed with rubber membrane, metal or another approved material. This includes the area around the frames of all windows and doors.
  3. House wrap. If your home already has house wrap, it should be inspected for tears and repaired or replaced as needed. Many older homes don't have house wrap. A new siding installation is a good opportunity for adding its protection.

New exterior cladding only means total water protection for your home when it's specifically included in your siding cost estimate.

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