Log Vinyl Siding

Log Vinyl Siding

Are you considering building a cabin or home with real log siding? If so, the maintenance, susceptibility to invasive pests, deterioration caused by rot and mold and their high cost are all good reasons to consider vinyl log siding as an alternative for the rustic look you want.

Another issue with real logs--if they are chinked, they expand and contract, compromising the integrity of the chinking that can cause air infiltration and require repairs. In fact, while logs themselves provide good insulation, the spaces between them are seldom perfectly flat and create unwanted thermal transfers.

With all of the issues of real log siding, no wonder log vinyl siding is becoming increasingly popular. Vinyl logs are undamaged by mold, mildew, moss and pests. The insulated, interlocking logs provide care-free thermal efficiency, deaden outdoor noise and can even be installed by homeowners themselves. Molded from actual logs, they have the grain and knots you expect on real wood with none of the deterioration. Maintenance? Hose them down.

Log cabin vinyl siding brands

Timbermill and KP Building Products Inc., are two leading manufacturers of vinyl log siding. Both provide a limited lifetime warranty on their products.

  • KP Building Products: Adirondack vinyl siding is .46-inch thick, and its curved half-logs are backed with insulation. Each course of logs interlocks with the one above it. A nailing strip is integral to each log. Four rich wood-stain colors are available, and as with all vinyl siding, the color is integral throughout the product making painting unnecessary.
  • Timbermill: Wood-grain vinyl siding panels made from TempRite CPVC feature rigid polystyrene backing that conforms to the shape of the panels. The insulation also adds strength and reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Timbermill vinyl logs come in two attractive wood stain colors.

Order samples from your building supply retailer or directly from the manufacturers to see the vinyl logs' construction and colors. View the samples on your exterior walls in both sunlight and shade. Add up the cost differences between vinyl logs and real ones, both short and long-term, and add in extra savings if you install the vinyl logs yourself. Yes, there's romance to real logs, but the romance wanes when you spend time at your get-away home maintaining your siding instead of relaxing and entertaining.

In fact, vinyl log siding's list of virtues just might make it your favored choice.

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