Installing vinyl siding: get your quote right

Installing vinyl siding: get your quote right

You're considering vinyl for your new or existing home because of its durability, versatility and weather resistance. You've obtained cost estimates for purchasing and installing vinyl siding on your residence, and selected three licensed, bonded and insured vinyl contractors. What should you expect in their quotes?

The siding estimate hit list

When a contractor provides you with a quote for installing vinyl siding, ensure that it encompasses these 13 items:

  1. The brand and style of the vinyl siding to be used
  2. The amount of squares needed for the project (one square covers about 100 square feet)
  3. The estimated cost of materials, including corners, trims and soffits
  4. The estimated cost of labor
  5. The estimated cost of product shipping, if applicable
  6. The cost to uninstall and take away your old siding, if applicable
  7. The estimated number of days required to complete the project
  8. Whether or not your city requires a permit for the work and if the contractor will obtain it
  9. A written warranty from the contractor and manufacturer
  10. Two or more similar job references (names, numbers and, if desired, photographs of the job)
  11. The contractor's license number
  12. Proof of the contractor's general liability insurance
  13. Proof of the contractor's Workers' Compensation coverage (if the contractor works solo, this doesn't apply)

The typical cost for vinyl siding (materials and labor) ranges from $4.00 to $8.50 per square foot, with the industry average being $5.50. Nine dollars and above is considered overpriced. So using the industry average, the vinyl siding cost for a home with 2,000 exterior square feet should be about $11,000.

Before hiring a contractor, ensure you have all of this information and copies of the pertinent documents to protect yourself in the long run. Don't be afraid to ask for any of these items should the prospective contractors fail to supply them. If they still don't provide them, cross these contractors off your list. Your initial diligence will pay off.

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