6 tips for installing new vinyl siding over old

6 tips for installing new vinyl siding over old

Since vinyl siding was first introduced in the 1950s it has become the most popular siding option in the United States. Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that gets molded into planks, which resemble natural wood siding, vinyl siding provides an attractive and low-maintenance cladding at a cost effective price. Unlike wood, vinyl does not rot and never needs to be painted.

One way to save money on vinyl siding installation is to place new siding over existing cladding. If you intend to hire a contractor, this will save on labor costs, because there is no need to spend time removing the old siding. If you intend to do the job yourself, you will save valuable time.

6 tips for installing vinyl siding over old wood siding

  1. You can install vinyl siding over old wood siding, but should not try to install new vinyl siding over old vinyl siding. Since you need a firm base to install vinyl siding, you first need to remove old vinyl and expose the underlying wood.

  2. Never install vinyl siding over rotten wood. You'll need to remove and replace any rotten areas before you install vinyl siding. Nail down any loose boards, as well. Don't worry about looks, as everything will be covered by the new siding.

  3. Re-caulk windows and doors to prevent moisture penetration. Make sure to scrape off the old caulk first, even if it looks OK. Avoiding moisture penetration is one of the keys to successful vinyl siding installation.

  4. Remove all gutters, light fixtures and other protrusions before installing vinyl siding. You will reinstall them after the new siding is installed.

  5. Make sure the walls are smooth and even before installing the siding. You can install furring strips, as needed, to ensure a continuously smooth surface.

  6. Remember that vinyl siding is designed to be installed over a water-resistant barrier. If there is not already an existing water-resistant barrier between the structure and the old siding, you will need to install one between the old siding and the new.

By following these six tips you can save time or money on new vinyl siding installation.

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