Repairing Siding

Siding damage can occur for thousands of different reasons. A rock flies out of your mower and creates an instant hole. The stucco next to your door gets brushed against one too many times. Or two words: torrential rain. However it happens, sooner or later most homeowners find themselves with siding repairs on the household "to do" list.

Here's the problem: ignoring necessary siding repairs is easy to do. Many times the siding damage occurs out of sight behind a tree or around the side yard. Even if you pass the damage every day, making siding a priority can be a challenge in your all-too-busy life.

So why worry about siding repairs at all? The bottom line is that the builder put your siding in place for more than visual appeal--it helps to keep damaging elements away from your home's wood framing, insulation, and other internal features. When siding becomes damaged, it can't fulfill that purpose. Need more convincing to get out your siding patch tools?

1. Siding Repairs Prevent More Damage

No, a quarter-sized hole doesn't seem like such a big deal, but just wait until the bugs, water, grime, and wind get into that hole and wreak havoc. You don't want to deal with the decay and damaged wood that come next.

2. Siding Repairs Save You Money

More damage equals more money. A small siding patch job for less than $100 can save you from an expensive and much larger siding repair project down the road.

3. Siding Repairs Just Look Better

Even if the damage seems hidden, you don't want holes in your house, do you?

So if you've been putting off fixing your damaged siding, don't wait much longer. Siding is one of those things that's easy to take for granted--until it becomes a pain in your side.

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