How to replace vinyl siding on a budget

How to replace vinyl siding on a budget

Vinyl siding is an all-weather cladding that insulates, keeps out moisture and gives your home a clean, modern look. Vinyl siding is made of plastic, which prevents the rotting and flaking that wood siding becomes susceptible to with age and harsh weather conditions. To ensure the first time is the only time you need to replace vinyl siding consider some tips for installation.

5 ways to save time and money when you replace vinyl siding

  1. Spot check: Before spending tons of money replacing all the siding on your house, consider isolating maintenance to just the damaged areas.

  2. Save don't scrimp: Siding prices increase with thickness, but that doesn't mean you should go with the thinnest siding just to save money. A moderately thick siding, like a .042 to .045, withstands harsh weather better. Be prepared to spend about one dollar per square foot of siding. That doesn't include the cost to pay someone to remove old siding, which can range from $1,000-$3,000.

  3. Fix the old as you add the new: Clean the surface you are working with and seal all leaks before putting down new siding. Replacing vinyl siding without cleaning and repairing first can cause moisture to get in the walls, attracting insects and mold.

  4. Allow for expansion: After you have taken off your old siding, make sure to cut new pieces two to three inches wider than the originals you have just removed. This is because siding has a tendency to expand due to the heat.

  5. Know thy tools: The zip tool is the only tool you need to purchase specifically to replace vinyl siding. Remaining repairs can be made with a backsaw, utility knife, pry bar, hammer, nails, carpenter's square and chalk.

One more thought: when budget is on your mind, think twice about siding you are told will lower energy bills. Even with built-in foam insulation, this siding can hardly help you do that on its own. Adding additional insulation may be necessary if you really want to cut energy costs.


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