That old house: siding repair is history

That old house: siding repair is history

Thinking of re-siding your home? Well, no matter what style you like, it's safe to assume you'll want it maintenance-free. Consider vinyl siding and you can almost kiss your concerns about house siding repair goodbye.

How can vinyl ease house siding repair?

There are two huge advantages to vinyl siding:

  1. It does not deteriorate. No rot, no spongy home for microbes, termites and ants. Install it, and except for an occasional washing, you can mostly forget about it.
  2. It doesn't need painting:. The color is integral to the material and does not need an expensive, fresh coat of paint every five to ten years. And while in decades past, vinyl siding was subject to fading, advancements in pigment technology have made today's colors much more stable.

Other advantages to vinyl siding

  1. Cost: Wood siding is expensive; brick is even more so. While there is a huge range in cost for vinyl siding because of different styles and grades, figure that the installation of a vinyl product is going to cost from half to two-thirds that of wood. The price for top grades of vinyl, which is going to be thicker and insulated, may approach the cost of wood, but there still will be substantial savings in installation and long-term care costs.
  2. Installation: Vinyl siding can be simpler to install than wood, and generally easier than brick, hence it is much cheaper and quicker to install than other sidings.
  3. Selection: Vinyl siding offers a huge range of styles, from shake/shingle to clapboard to Dutch lap to log cabin. While in the old days, vinyl siding was available only in light colors, today you will find it in a wide array of colorfast tones.

If your home needs new cladding, and you are concerned about having to deal with house siding repair, vinyl is an option worth serious consideration.


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