Ladder Jacks Can Make Your Do-It-Yourself Siding Project Easier

Ladder Jacks Can Make Your Do-It-Yourself Siding Project Easier

If you have ever watched siding contractors on a job site, you've likely seen that they seldom use ladders while working. Most siding contractors use a system of pump jacks and scaffold platforms that allow them to set up on a side of a house, and not move their equipment until they have finished that side.

They learned a long time ago that constantly going up and down a ladder, and having to shift it to where they are working, is not a very efficient use of time. While you may not have access to a professional pump jack system for your do-it-yourself siding project, you can use the next best thing.

Ladder Jacks for Do-It-Yourself Siding Projects

The ladder jack system is similar to a scaffolding system, but extension ladders are used as the supports. To set up a ladder jack system you need:

  • 2 extension ladders, about the same size
  • A pair of ladder jacks
  • A scaffold platform

You can rent most of the equipment needed for the system. Setting it up is easy; however, you may need help putting the equipment in place.

  • Set up the extension ladders about 8 feet from each other. Make sure the ladders are secure--you may need to use ladder leveling feet if the grade slopes.
  • Attach a ladder jack to each ladder, at about the same height--the jack attaches to the ladder rungs.
  • Lay your scaffold platform across the ladder jacks.

As you work up the wall, simply raise the ladder jacks. Always use an approved scaffold platform rated for that purpose; never try using framing lumber as a working platform. Make sure no more than two people are on the assembly at a time, and always keep in mind that you are working on a mere 18-inch-wide platform.

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