How Proper Vinyl Siding Tools Can Lower the Siding Costs

How Proper Vinyl Siding Tools Can Lower the Siding Costs

Homeowners can usually get by using common household tools when simple vinyl siding repairs are needed. But, if you're planning a large scale DIY siding project, purchasing a few vinyl siding tools to make the job easier and go a little faster might be a worthwhile investment. Doing so may also lower your siding cost.

Vinyl Siding Tools: Work Faster and Lower Your Siding Cost

Installing vinyl siding on your entire home can mean working with quite a few squares of siding over several weeks. So, using the correct tools can help give the completed project a professional appearance and cut down on your siding cost because you won't have as much waste.

Don't load up on all the vinyl siding tools a contractor might have, but invest in a few fairly inexpensive tools to make your DIY project more enjoyable. And, by the time you're finished, you could be using them like a pro.

  • Circular Saw: Use a circular saw for cutting siding, but you might find many other uses for it in the future. Use a blade with the teeth close together, such as those used for finish carpentry, and install the blade in reverse for cutting vinyl siding.
  • Tin Snips: Large tin snips are good for larger vinyl siding cuts, and smaller snips work great for adjustments, as you're doing your installation
  • Utility Knife: This is a handy tool for cutting out for electric outlets, light boxes, and any other cut outs you may have.
  • Torpedo Level: A torpedo level is only about eight inches long and is small enough to keep in your nail pouch; use it to make sure your siding is level during installation
  • Siding Hook: Use this for locking and unlocking siding pieces from each other.

By investing in these tools, you'll make better use of your time and cut down on your siding cost. And, you can use most of these tools for other DIY projects, too. But, remember to make safety your priority when working with sharp blades.

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