Hebron Brick Company

Hebron Brick Company

2300 Main Avenue
Fargo, ND 58103

Phone: (701) 232-0781
Website: http://www.hebronbrick.com/

About Hebron Brick Company

Founded in North Dakota in 1904, Hebron Brick Company boasts a rich history of providing premium quality brick for any building's exterior. Once in competition with 18 other brick companies in their home state, Hebron Brick Company is now the only brick producer in North Dakota and one of the largest manufacturers in the entire Midwest. Using ancient veins of extraordinary clay to provide a variety of colors and textures unique to their company, Hebron Brick Company offers a wide variety of brick options.

Brick is well known for providing unmatched aesthetic appeal with the added benefits of being extremely durable and lasting for centuries. Hebron Brick Company offers staggering numbers of different colors and textures. The company has even developed a thinner brick, which can be used as a veneer and installs easily. This lighter, thinner brick doesn't require any foundational support, which means it can be installed anywhere--even on ceilings.

Their patented installation systems make installing brick easy; nearly anyone can produce a brick finish that looks professional without engaging a contractor. Homeowners who want the traditional look and feel of a brick home should look no further than Hebron Brick Company. Their history and outstanding warranty is sure to delight in any setting.