Mastic Home Exteriors

Mastic Home Exteriors

1590 Omega Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Phone: (800) 962-6973
Website: http://www.mastic.com

About Mastic Home Exteriors

With a long history of innovation, Mastic Home Exteriors has been producing quality siding since 1932. Mastic Home Exteriors was one of the first companies to offer vinyl siding, in 1959. Today, they offer the widest selection of colors around and boast the most complete offering of vinyl siding products in the industry. In addition to vinyl siding and design accents, Mastic Home Exteriors also offers aluminum siding products. Whatever the need, Mastic Home Exteriors has a siding solution.

In 1989, Mastic joined the Alcoa Home Exteriors family. One of every four homes with vinyl siding in the U.S. uses either Alcoa or Mastic Home Exteriors brand siding. Their history and ubiquitous presence in the industry makes Mastic a solid choice for premium siding products.

Mastic Home Exteriors offers some of the best simulated wood siding available, giving homes a traditional look with all the benefits of premium vinyl siding. Faux-wood shingles come replete with random deep groves and varied sizing to complete that hand-cut look. All products have been tested in harsh weather conditions and come with wind speed ratings up to 190 mph. Add one of the best warranties in the industry, and it's clear that Mastic Home Exteriors is an excellent choice for any siding need.