Stucco Masters

Stucco Masters

3762 Old Jefferson Valley Road
Shrub Oak, NY 10588

Phone: (914) 245-5770
Website: http://www.stuccomasters.org/

About Stucco Masters

Stucco Masters has been producing premium home exteriors for fifteen years. Their stucco exteriors are some of the best in the industry--and worldwide. This isn't a standard company, though. Stucco Masters boasts the best customer service in the industry. Their focus on providing the very best for customers--and doing it in a timely fashion--makes Stucco Masters an excellent choice for any homeowner.

This dedication to customer service has led Stucco Masters to become one of the top providers of stucco exteriors in the United States. Stucco Masters listens to exactly what customers are saying. This information is applied directly to their product lines, taking the age-old stucco into the twenty-first century with continued innovation and quality. Stucco Masters offers a staggering number of color choices in addition to texturing options. By using acrylic-based finishes and coatings, Stucco Masters ensures that colors and textures are consistent throughout all jobs.

Another benefit of these special finishes is that Stucco Masters' products won't fade, yellow, or chalk like traditional stucco. Using proprietary treatments and finishes, Stucco Masters is able to repair and restore older stucco by actually bridging--not just covering up--hairline cracks in the wall. Homeowners interested in a stucco exterior needn't look any further than Stucco Masters.