4 things to consider when buying new vinyl siding

4 things to consider when buying new vinyl siding

Homeowners have many different types of vinyl siding to choose from for a re-siding project. Creating unique and complementary vinyl siding styles for your home is a matter of successfully mixing and blending each of the following four elements.

  1. Exterior surfaces
  2. Color
  3. Contrast
  4. Focal points

Buying new siding

Getting the right cladding requires careful thought about the different architectural elements of your home, including these:

  • Gables -- the triangles that form the ends of roof lines. However, many homes have hip-and-valley roof lines rather than gables.
  • Trim -- covering for windows, doors, and inside and outside corners. Trim is also used as a water table on Colonial homes, or to cover first- to second-floor seams in the cladding.
  • Windows -- an often-overlooked architectural element
  • Field, or body -- the main surfaces of your home

When considering what types of vinyl cladding are best for your home, take note of these different architectural elements. For instance, the use of color contrast between window and corner trim or the cladding on the body creates drama and draws the eye. Think of red barn cladding with white trim -- an iconic American image. The same can be said for use of window shutters and flower boxes. Choosing the right vinyl siding colors and trim might be the hardest decision you have to make.

The field is where you have the most new vinyl cladding, and nearly all the aesthetic appeal of your home flows from the different types of vinyl siding you choose for it. Ranch homes typically feature horizontal clapboard cladding that utilizes strong shadow lines. Other homes combine horizontal cladding and vertical cladding on the field and gables. For these homes, consider using vinyl cladding with smaller exposure patterns, such as single 5- or 6-inch, to give more weight to the larger design elements of your home.

Contrasting colors, as well as textures of vinyl cladding, make a stunning impact and sustainable focal visual points. How to get it all right? One way is to consult with a pre-screened building professional such as the contractors found through this site. They are experienced in the different aspects of vinyl siding installation. You might also consider hiring an exterior designer to keep your ideas on track.

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