Things to Know Before Installing Brick Siding

Things to Know Before Installing Brick Siding

Installing brick siding on a large portion of your home might be better left to professional brick masons. Brick siding installation can be very hard and dangerous work. Correcting a mistake you might make while installing brick siding can also be difficult, especially if it is not noticed until the following day. However, if you want to try installing brick siding on a small area of your home, or to create an accent with brick, there is no reason for you not to realize the enjoyment of doing your own brick siding installation.

Tools and Materials for Installing Brick Siding

You do not need many tools or materials to install brick siding. There is a short list of materials, especially if you are only doing a small area on your home.

  • Brick, there are many styles and colors;
  • Mortar, available as mixed, or make your own;
  • Wall ties, to secure the brick to the wall;
  • Lintels, to support the brick over window and door openings.

Brick is heavy, and must be supported from underneath. If your foundation does not have a brick ledge to support the brick, you may have to excavate down to the foundation footer. You can install 4 or 6 inch block up from the footer to just below grade to support your brick. The primary tools you may need to install the brick:

  • Brick trowel, for spreading mortar;
  • Hoe, for mixing mortar;
  • Level, for leveling each course of brick;
  • String line, run from corner and end bricks, it can assist with leveling the brick in the center;
  • Mortar pan, for mixing mortar;
  • Jointer, tool for putting a finish on the mortar joints.

These tools and materials should enable you to begin your brick siding installation. If this is your first attempt at installing brick siding, take your time and inspect your work as you proceed. It is easier to correct a mistake before the mortar has dried.

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