Your Cape Cod with Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding?

Your Cape Cod with Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding?

A classic Cape Cod style home might sound less than ideal with cedar shake vinyl siding instead of wood shake shingle siding. But once you hear what the vinyl siding cost is, it might be more appealing. Cedar shake vinyl siding cost is on average about 30 percent lower than wood shake shingle. What's even better, you can buy vinyl shake shingles. It emulates the look for a lower cost and a lower cost of maintenance.

Vinyl Siding: Cost Looks Even Better When You Add Up Benefits

The benefits you don't see when you hear that vinyl siding cost is actually lower, are the durability of vinyl siding and the retention of color. Vinyl siding is made with resins and the color is included in the mix. That means that if it is scratched or dented, the color is the same throughout the entire thickness of the siding--virtually no evidence of damage. Chip the paint on wood siding and you need to get out your paintbrush. Not only that, vinyl siding almost never needs to be replaced, making it extremely eco-friendly.

The Vinyl Siding Institute states on their Web site, "Because it's strong and resistant to moisture and abrasion, vinyl is ideal for siding, windows, roofing, fencing and decking. Vinyl will not rot or corrode like many other materials and does not need cleaning with harsh chemicals or painting."

When comparing cedar shake vinyl siding cost from one contractor to the next, make sure you are comparing materials and labor, and the same measurements across the board. Some will quote in "square footage" and others in "squares." A square is a measurement used in construction (mostly for roofing and siding) that refers to a 10' X 10' area--100 square feet.

Not only is cedar shake vinyl siding cost lower for your Cape Cod, it will outlast most materials and give you your weekends back--no more cleaning and replacing wood shake shingles.

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