Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding Prices to Fit Any Budget

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding Prices to Fit Any Budget

Dutch lap vinyl siding has been around since colonial days when it was appreciated for its superior resistance to water and air infiltration over the more common beveled wood siding. The siding features a unique profile that's scooped at the top to allow a tighter fit when the wood siding is nailed on a home. The scoop also creates well defined shadow lines after a home is completely sided. The siding style has had a loyal following over the years. When vinyl siding became available for homes, Dutch lap was among the first styles offered.

Siding Prices for Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding

When the interlocking channels of vinyl siding are combined with modern sheathing and house wrap, you don't have to be concerned with the Dutch lap style's superior resistance to air and water infiltration but you can still enjoy the pronounced shadow lines the siding style provides. Just about all siding manufacturers offer Dutch lap vinyl siding and in many cases you can choose between a smooth appearance and the textured grain of cedar. Most Dutch lap vinyl siding panels are double board widths with each board being 4.5 inches, however 4- and 5-inch boards are also available. The style is offered in a wide range of siding prices that can fit just about any budget. A few examples include:

Premium Levels: $100 per square and higher

  • CertainTeed CedarBoards Insulated
  • Mastic Structure EPS
  • Alside Prodigy

Mid-range Levels: $70 to $100 per square

  • Mastic Liberty Elite
  • Crane Premium Pointe
  • CertainTeed Monogram 46

Value Level: $50 to $70 per square

  • Crane American Dream
  • Wolverine Encore
  • Mastic Mill Creek

Siding prices can vary depending on the manufacturer and the area of the country you live in, but you should be able to add the beautiful shadow lines of Dutch lap vinyl siding to your home on any siding budget.

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