Mastic Vinyl Siding Styles

Mastic Home Exteriors, a subsidiary of the Ply Gem family of building products, manufactures a wide range of vinyl siding in various patterns and color choices. From insulated to faux wood to board and batten, Mastic siding is designed to accommodate most any architectural style.

Mastic siding is made from a proprietary blend of materials, including 53 percent salt and 43 percent natural gas. The siding never requires any additional site work--once it's hung, it's finished and should never need re-painting.

Mastic siding's best-selling premium styles

  1. EPS Insulated Siding--Highly energy efficient, and can reduce outside noise levels by as much as 30 percent. It comes in several different clapboard styles with laps from 4 to 7 inches. Properly installed, this siding can help reduce thermal bridging, or the transfer of cold into your home from the outside, and meet Energy Star requirements.
  2. Carvedwood 44--Love the look of real wood? This style of Mastic siding comes in 23 different colors, six profile styles and either a smooth or woodgrain finish. It's rated for winds up to 200 mph and is .44 inches thick.
  3. Ovation--This hassle-free siding is .42 inches thick, has a wind rating of 195 miles per hour and comes in 20 color choices and four different styles.
  4. T-Lok Barkwood--An industry leader for 30 years, this siding has a distinctive woodgrain style and is available in clapboard or Dutch lap. It is rated for winds up to 160 mph and is .48 inches thick.
  5. Liberty Elite--This siding has an over-sized locking system to help it beat the elements and withstand winds up to 168 mph. It is .48 inches thick and comes in three different styles: double 4- and 5-inch lap and double 5-inch Dutch lap.
  6. Charleston Beaded--This siding's pattern casts crisp, clear shadow lines that are a natural fit with Southern architecture. At .44 inches thick, it is rated for winds of 165 mph.
  7. Board+Batten--With its neat vertical lines and classic shadow patterns, board and batten premium siding offers a traditional woodgrain appearance. Available with a 6 1/4-inch board, 1 3/4-inch batten and .50 thickness for extra rigidity.
  8. Quest--With a wind rating of up to 240 miles per hour, Quest siding is a great choice areas prone to extreme winds. This .46-inch-thick siding comes in 35 different colors and seven style variations with double 4-inch to double 5-inch laps.

For budget-conscious homeowners, Mastic also sells several lines of standard and economy siding, including these:

  • Silhouette Classic
  • Trademark
  • Brentwood
  • Mill Creek

With so many choices, there's bound to be a Mastic siding line that's a great match for your home.

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