Royal Building Products Vinyl Siding Styles

Royal Building Products, a subsidiary of Georgia Gulf Corporation, captured 44 percent of the vinyl siding market in 2009 with more than $1.2 billion in sales. The company has two U.S. siding manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Ohio, and locations in Ontario and Quebec as well. In 2011, Royal Building Product's parent company acquired Crane's Exterior Portfolio siding line, making the Royal Group the third-largest vinyl siding manufacturer in North America.

Royal siding colors

Royal has 10 different siding lines, each with its own features and characteristics. Royal's Colonial Beaded siding has a rounded bead base to cast distinctive shadow lines, and the company makes siding with two other profile choices: standard and designer. These royal siding colors are offered in 16 standard colors, including white, slate, beige, sand and other popular colors, as well as its premium, UV-resistant "Colorscapes" collection. This lineup features lighter colors--light blue, champagne, gray--and dark choices such as shades of green, blue and red.

A closer look:

  • Crown Select--Crown Select has a thickness of .44 inches and is offered in Colonial Beaded, traditional and designer profiles. It is rated for winds of 180 miles per hour.
  • Royal Dura Plank--Royal's strongest siding, it has a thickness of .54 inches. This rigid siding has a foam back to repel moisture and provide sound insulation. The siding's clapboard appearance mimics the look of traditional wood siding and is rated for winds up to 265 mph.
  • Royal Woodland 16--The panels for this siding line measure 16-foot, 4-inches, which means 30 percent less laps and cleaner sight lines. It is also available in 25-foot lengths. Royal Woodland has a thickness of .46 inches and a wind rating up to 240 mph.
  • Haven Insulated Siding--With a thickness of .44 inches, Haven Insulated Siding offers extra protection from sound and cold. It comes in 14 different colors, six from the Colorscapes collection.
  • Journeymen Select--It has a thickness of .44 inches and comes in 25 different color choices. Rates for winds up to 180 mph.
  • Select Laminates--A good choice for sunny climates due to a special lamination technology that reduces fading. Available in four colors and several different profiles, including vertical panel.
  • Residential--Wind-rated to 160 miles per hour. It has a thickness of .42 inches and is available in 16 different colors.
  • Genesis--For budget-conscious homeowners. Genesis siding has a thickness of .40 inches, a wind rating of 140 mph, and comes in 15 standard colors.
  • Royal Crest--Available in 16 colors. It has a wind rating up to 140 mph and a thickness of .40 inches.

Royal also makes a siding for use in large agricultural structures.