Make Your Home Unique with Stone Veneer Siding Accents

Make Your Home Unique with Stone Veneer Siding Accents

You may have seen quaint stone cottages and farmhouses in a countryside setting, their warm, homey appearance making them truly stand out. The unique sense of comfort and well-being stone homes seem to exude may hark back to the days when stone was considered one of the most durable and weatherproof building materials available. If you wanted protection from the harsh winds and cold temperatures of winter, stone was hard to beat.

Create the Same Charming Look with Stone Veneer Siding

You can give your home that same enchanting look and feel with stone veneer siding. Thanks to modern technology, stone veneer siding usually is only 5/8 to 1-1/2 inches thick, and can be applied to any structurally sound surface without concern for supporting its weight.

Adding Stone Veneer Siding to Your Home May Be Easier Than You Think

Stone veneer siding can be applied to just about any surface. If you are starting with wood sheathing, there are only a few steps involved in adding the siding.

  1. Apply a waterproof barrier to the wood sheathing--roofing felt is a good choice.
  2. Install metal lathe, taking care to overlap all joints; nail into wood structural members.
  3. Apply a thin sand and cement mixture over the lathe, taking care to cover it completely.
  4. Press the stones into the sand and cement mixture.
  5. Remove the excess sand and cement mixture from between the stones.
  6. Grout between the stones after the sand and cement has dried.

Stone veneer is available in many style varieties and colors. Using a stone that is native to your region may help give your home that warm, charming look from your area's days gone by.

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