Examples of Vinyl Shingle and Shake Siding Prices

Examples of Vinyl Shingle and Shake Siding Prices

Many people like the low maintenance and durability of vinyl siding, but don't want to give up the styling freedom that wood siding allows, especially being able to use different colors to highlight gables and accent offsets on the front of their homes. If you're one of those people, then you may not know you can add accents to your house's exterior with shingle and shake siding and still have the benefits of using vinyl on your home.

Prices for Vinyl Shingle and Shake Siding

Most vinyl siding manufacturers offer vinyl shingle and shake siding in various styles, colors, and sizes. Shake siding can be ideal to use on a turned gable on the front of your home to add a little contrast with your Dutch lap vinyl siding. Or, you might want to use shingle siding on the end gables in a color that complements your beaded vinyl siding. Shingle and shake siding is a little more expensive than regular vinyl siding due to its heavier gauge and intricate detail, but it can usually be purchased in smaller half-square boxes.

Consider these examples of vinyl siding prices for a half square of decorative siding from CertainTeed and Mastic siding (two of the larger manufacturers_:

Mastic Siding Cedar Discovery

  • Hand-Split Shakes: $173
  • Triple 5-inch Perfection Shingles: $172
  • Half-Round: $192

CertainTeed Cedar Impressions

  • Triple 5-inch Straight Edge Perfection: $118
  • Double 7-inch Staggered Perfection: $129
  • Single 6-1/4-inch Half-Round: $129

Pricing may vary depending on the part of the country where you live, and these prices don't include sales taxes or delivery charges; you may also pay more for premium colors or special order styles. Shingle and shake siding is as easy to cut and install as regular vinyl siding and offers you the opportunity to customize the exterior of your home and still get the low maintenance benefits of using vinyl.

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