Vinyl Shingle Siding For a Weathered Low Maintenance Exterior

Vinyl Shingle Siding For a Weathered Low Maintenance Exterior

One of the joys of driving through New England's old seaport towns is seeing colonial homes that are a part of our country's history. Many are sided with cedar shingles, which have been weathered by years of ocean breezes. You can give your home the same cozy, weathered look with vinyl shingle siding, and may even qualify for a tax credit in the process.

Vinyl Shingle Siding: Rustic or Refined

Many manufacturers create vinyl shingle siding, and each offers an array of styles and colors. You can choose a wood tone in light or dark tones, or if you prefer a weathered appearance, there are many shades of gray and light blue. There are shingles offered with a colored stain, as well. Some manufacturers use real cedar shingles as a pattern for their vinyl shingle siding, and you have the option of a smooth- or rough-grain appearance.

An Energy Star rated insulation backing is available with some vinyl shingle siding, and using it might qualify you for a tax credit. There are even vinyl shingle siding varieties with a Class 1(A) fire rating. The style you choose can be refined and understated, or have a rustic hand split look. A few of the most popular styles include:

  • Triple 5 Straight Edge Shingles
  • Double 7 Straight Edge Shingles
  • Double 9 Rough Split Shakes
  • Half Round Shingles
  • Single 10-inch Hand Split Shakes

Vinyl shingle siding is installed much the same as regular vinyl siding, and matching trim is available.

Low maintenance, several styles and colors, and a cozy, weathered appearance make vinyl shingle siding an attractive choice for your home.

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