Breaking down siding costs for stucco veneer

Breaking down siding costs for stucco veneer

Why do stucco veneer homes always seem to stand out? The siding material has the ability to transform the exterior of almost any house into something special. Regardless of your home's style or age, stucco can make it the most noticed residence in the neighborhood. However, that look doesn't come easily; there's a lot of work involved in the stucco process. If you're planning on having the material installed on your home, it's important that your siding cost estimate includes everything that's required.

What to look for in a stucco siding cost estimate

Stucco is different from other types of exterior cladding products such as wood, fiber cement or vinyl siding in that its application is done in numerous stages. Vinyl siding can often be installed in one phase, or possibly two, if the old cladding must be removed; but putting stucco on your home requires many trips by the siding crew. The trip charges and amount of labor involved at each stage are a few of the reasons why the siding cost for stucco can be as much as for brick or stone veneer. When reviewing your stucco siding cost estimate, make sure it includes the following:

  1. Old siding removal. If the material is being installed on an existing home, the old exterior cladding almost always must come off before the new application can begin.
  2. Moisture barrier. A water resistant paper or membrane should be installed over the exterior sheathing to protect the interior of the home from water intrusion.
  3. Flashing & drainage. Waterproofing should be installed around doors and windows and at other potential problem areas.
  4. Installing lathe. Metal lathe must be applied over the entire surface receiving the new cladding. 
  5. Applying base coat. A leveling base coat of stucco approximately 3/4-inch thick is installed.
  6. Final coat. A thin final coat used to create design patterns is applied. Any color options can be added at this stage as well.

While stucco can be more costly than many other siding materials, the effect it can have on the appearance of your home is often money well spent.


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