Vertical Vinyl Siding Can Make Your Home Unique

Vertical Vinyl Siding Can Make Your Home Unique

Vinyl siding has gained in popularity since it was initially offered many years ago. The quality and design of the product have been vastly improved over the years, and there are many more colors available since vinyl siding was first introduced. Homeowners have come to realize that vinyl siding is a durable product that requires very little maintenance, and can last for many years.

The increase in its popularity has resulted in neighborhoods full of vinyl-sided homes. How do you make your home stand apart from the rest, without losing vinyl siding's many benefits? Consider the use of vertical vinyl siding.

Vertical Vinyl Siding Offers Your Home a Unique Style

The concept of vertical siding is not new--homes and barns have used vertical wood siding for many years. Historically, vertical wood siding has been used due to its ease of installation and pleasing, rustic look.

The use of vertical vinyl siding is fairly new, though. For years, most vinyl-sided homes used a horizontal style only.

Vertical vinyl siding is installed using the same methods as horizontal vinyl siding, and provides the same low-maintenance hardiness. There are a variety of styles to choose from among the various manufacturers:

  • Board and batten 6-1/2-inch x 1-1/2 inch
  • Board and batten 5-1/2-inch x 1-1/2 inch
  • Double 5-inch
  • Single 10-inch

Along with its many updated color offerings, vertical vinyl siding is available in a wood grain or smooth finish.

You can give your home the charming look of vertical wood siding and the low-maintenance durability of a vinyl product with vertical vinyl siding.

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