7 bold vinyl siding trim styles

7 bold vinyl siding trim styles

It used to be that a house with vinyl siding was boring--straight, squared white trim with nothing remotely decorative. However, with modern trends in vinyl siding trim, everything from window wraps to column caps can look as fancy as the finest milled wood.

In addition to producing trim in all shapes and sizes, manufacturers are creating trim in colors that complement their siding hues, so you can achieve a classy color-coordinated home.

Dramatic options

Here are some ideas for a more daring vinyl siding trim package.

  1. Columns. You can grace your entry with smooth or fluted columns, with decorative base and cap.
  2. Doors. Decorative door headers can also spice up your entry.
  3. Windows. Mantels and sunburst trim highlight windows. Or your can choose shutters from various designs.
  4. Crown. In addition to smoothing over your eaves with a vinyl soffit, you can transition from the wall to the soffit with crown molding.
  5. Corners. Instead of flat, plain corner trim, it can be fluted and beaded in various patterns.
  6. Spot highlights. Decorative gable trim and gingerbread trim are available.
  7. Shakes. Long expanses of horizontal siding can be broken with patches of vinyl shake siding, such as under windows or in gables.

With wood

Some vinyl trim can be used with wood siding. Vinyl soffits, for example, are an economical and maintenance-free answer to covering your unsightly eaves, whatever type of siding you have.

Columns and shutters also are options to combine with wood siding.

Some types of vinyl trim can be used with wood siding to wrap windows and doors.


Vinyl siding comes in varying grades, ranging from .35 to .55 millimeters thick; the better residential siding ranges from .44 to .50 millimeters. Vinyl is less susceptible than other materials to moisture and insect damage and typically never require painting.

Where possible, trim should be backed with foam. The foam adds insulation, plus stability and durability. It also will keep insects from building their nests inside the trim.


With so many manufacturers and grades of vinyl trim, prices are tough to pin down. A vinyl trim piece is often considerably cheaper than its milled-wood counterpart.

Whatever your need, modern vinyl trim provides you with economical and durable options to dress up your home. Shop around to see what your local siding shops offer.

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