Aluminum Fascia Installation for Less Exterior Painting

Aluminum Fascia Installation for Less Exterior Painting

Nobody enjoys working on a high ladder, but if your home has wood exterior trim, somebody has to paint it on a regular basis. Paying somebody to paint your exterior trim can add up over time. Installing aluminum fascia on your home can eliminate ever having to paint that high exterior trim again.

Aluminum Fascia Installation for Homeowners

If you are uncomfortable working on a ladder, you may want to talk to a siding contractor about the fascia installation on your home. Aluminum fascia is available either pre-bent or in flat sheets. You may need to rent or borrow an aluminum brake for bending if you choose to use the flat sheet type.

The facia on your home should be either 6 or 8 inch on the outer face. The depth of facia is often about 3/4 inch, but it may be deeper depending on the style and age of your home. If you are doing fascia installation on an existing home, you may need to remove your gutters first. Then begin your fascia installation:

  • The aluminum will begin at the top of the wood fascia board, under the roof drip edge;
  • Cover the 6 or 8 inch face of the wood fascia board, and wrap the aluminum around the bottom of the board, and up the rear to the soffit;
  • A wood fascia board that is 6 inches at the face, and 3/4 inch thick, will take a piece of aluminum about 8 inches wide, that is bent 90 degrees at the 6 inch point, and then again about 3/4 inch beyond the first bend;
  • Your fascia sheets will usually be 8 or 10 feet long, overlap about 1 inch at joints;
  • Nail using aluminum nails every 24 inches along the bottom edge, the drip edge will secure the top of the fascia.

Your fascia installation should go quickly after the first couple of pieces, and you may decide to do an aluminum soffit installation at the same time.


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