Exterior siding: all about the details

Exterior siding: all about the details

Think quickly -- which homes in your neighborhood have the most attractive exteriors? Now, what type of siding is on those homes? Unless it's an area where all the houses have vinyl siding, fiber cement, or brick veneer, chances are you aren't really sure. That's because when it comes to an overall attractive appearance, a home's exterior details are often what makes the difference.

Exterior details and your siding installation

Which exterior cladding are you using on your home? Each has traits that can make it a good choice. However, regardless of whether you've selected low-maintenance vinyl, durable fiber cement, or traditional wood, the details highlighted during a siding installation are what can really make your home stand out. Here are a few to consider during your project:

  • Front door -- A fresh coat of paint on your front door is nice, but a new fiberglass unit with beveled glass lites can greatly improve your home's curb appeal. Many fiberglass doors can be stained to look just like wood, but you don't have to worry about the slab swelling when the humidity begins to rise.
  • Shutters -- Unless you live in an area prone to hurricanes, installing shutters is normally done for their visual appeal. The decorative units can be used to break up large expanses of siding and provide an interesting color contrast to the main body of your house. The many available shutter designs also make it easy to choose a style that complements your home's exterior décor.
  • Gutters -- Why do most homes have white guttering and downspouts? The answer is quite simple: so the drainage systems blend in with the exterior trim and become unnoticeable. But why not use the guttering that's on most of your roof eaves to provide a color contrast for your exterior siding? All it takes is one look at a home with copper gutters to see that the design concept works. And if your siding installation budget doesn't allow for copper, most seamless gutter contractors can use any color that's available in coil stock.
  • Windows -- Putting new replacement windows in your home can be a big step. But if you're considering the project, tackling it during a siding installation might be the best time. Replacement windows can improve your home's energy efficiency and can also contribute to a whole new exterior look. The numerous styles offered by manufacturers make it easy to transform the appearance of an older home to more modern times or to take a contemporary structure back to a simpler era.

Fiber cement, brick veneer, and vinyl siding are all great cladding choices, but keep in mind that the exterior details may be what gets your house noticed.

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