Vinyl Siding Colors

Some products--steam irons and table lamps, for example--haven't changed much over the last 50 years. Others, like vinyl siding, bear only a minimal resemblance to their "ancestors." The difference between then and now are advanced technologies that greatly enhance endurance and consumer options. Vinyl siding is cornering the largest share of today's siding market by improvements in strength, insulating ability, warranties, and the ever-growing palette of rich, fade-resistant colors for customers to ponder. And let's face it, color is a huge factor in beautifying your home's exterior. You'll be impressed by long warranties not only for durability but for the fade-resistance of colors. Even darker hues can have warranties from 20 years or more. That's certainly not true of wood or fiber-cement siding, which must bear the expense and hassle of new paint every 5 years or so.

Decades ago vinyl siding colors were mostly light and neutral colors due to concerns about fading over time. But with improved anti-fading formulas and coatings, companies now offer exciting choices from light to dark, neutral to bold. Fortunately, hosing down siding once or twice a year removes surface dirt and many contaminants. You'll want ro read the company's warranty, of course, especially in areas with heavy smog from traffic and/or industry. But you'll find that most companies warranty properly-maintained colors just as long as the siding itself--and that's a long time.

Colorscapes from Royal Building Products (RBP): This is Royal's answer to the demand for rich, dark, color-fast vinyl siding colors. By combining Luran® S ASA, BASF's benchmark color-fast engineering thermoplastic, with Royal's innovative Royalside™ Compound and Dura Technology™ Process, they created a product that provides industry-leading UV resistance as well as excellent protection against fading and discoloring. This powerful combination also enables Colorscapes to deliver excellent impact resistance under the harshest weather conditions. Instead of peeling paint, warped wood or unsightly caulked seams, with Colorscapes you can enjoy fresh-looking color for years to come. Several RBP lines have around two dozen beautiful color choices.

Vinyl Siding Colors- Royal Building Products

Norman Rockwell Siding Collection from KP Products: Deep, rich colors such as Forest, Mahogany, and Barn Red echo house colors used for generations around Rockwell's Massachusetts home town. Now, you can enjoy the same pride and rich colors in a high-tech, low-maintenance exterior. Norman Rockwell's legendary illustrations defined the American dream--colorful, original, timeless. They're an appropriate inspiration for the exteriors that now bear his name. While the Norman Rockwell line has 22 color choices, other KP Products vinyl siding product lines have from four to 18 subtle to rich color choices.

Norman Rockwell Vinyl Siding

Napco: This company has eight different vinyl siding product lines, some with over 20 color choices. As with other companies, product lines include differences in style, thickness, and insulating ability. All lines have a limited lifetime warranty. Napco's soffit and trim accessories can blend or contrast with whichever handsome color you select.

Don't let anyone tell you that today's vinyl siding is the same as that of even 20 years ago. It's not. Click on the manufacturer websites listed here to explore options. Of course, no computer screen will match a company's actual colors, so ask for samples at least 6-inches long of vinyl siding colors that interest you. (A typical 2-inch sample is no more helpful than a tiny paint color chip.) You will live with the color for years, so view your larger samples on all sides of the house, morning and afternoon. Compare colors from different brands. Once you've made your choice, the excitement of a colorful, easily-maintained, weather-resistant exterior begins!

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