House siding colors to suit any material

House siding colors to suit any material

The Ugly House Photos Blog includes a section on siding, with house exteriors ranging from seriously old to simply atrocious. The website is a reminder that your house's exterior affects everyone around it, and you may want to take your neighbor's opinions into consideration when choosing house siding colors. Fiber cement, stucco and wood siding offer excellent options.

Fiber cement

Fiber cement might not need to be repainted for up to 25 years, and at $3-$4/square foot installed, is affordable. More popular color trends for this material include earthy hues and those that reflect the color of real wood. Pre-painted boards include the following nature-inspired hues:

  1. Associated Materials' Coastal Sage, Monterey Sand and Tuscan Clay
  2. Cerber's rustic line, including River Rock, Summer Wheat and Winter Bark

Fiber cement can also be installed bare and painted any color you choose.


Traditionally associated with natural hues, stucco has moved toward bolder, darker shades, as manufacturers have learned techniques that better concentrate color. The following colors, available through Imasco, are examples of these richer shades:

  1. Doppio Espresso
  2. Pimento
  3. Pomegranate

Unless you opt for high color concentration, your stucco color will likely be muted. Of course, this subtle earthy look is often why people are drawn to stucco, but it's good to know richer colors are an option.

Stucco usually costs between $4-$9/square foot installed.

Wood and like-wood

Modern manufactured wood siding is hard to distinguish from natural wood, and requires minimal maintenance. It can be pre-finished with paint or stain, or finished after installation. Prices for manufactured wood siding are similar to those for fiber cement.

Real wood is still around, too, but as "Ask the Builder" Tim Carter reminds readers, it needs extra TLC. Pre-stained or pre-painted cedar siding, though, can cut back on maintenance, and is offered in over 100 house siding colors. Cedar usually costs between $3.50-$6.50/square foot installed.

The latest color trends of painted wood and manufactured wood include those inspired by real-life. Paint companies such as Olympic possess the ability to custom-match colors to leaves, flowers or even your favorite dress, photo or work of art.

Whatever your siding of choice, intricate color schemes have expanded from indoor spaces to house exteriors. Coordinating siding paint with everything nearby--including porch floors, gardens and wall colors emanating from windows--not only enhance homes, but can beautify entire neighborhoods.

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