Vinyl brick siding: affordable Georgian beauty

Vinyl brick siding: affordable Georgian beauty

Brick provides unmatched beauty in Georgian, Gothic and similar architectural styles. But building with real stone is extremely costly and creates additional weight requirements for your home's framing and foundation.

Homeowners seeking to build or re-side their residences with the beauty of brick can use vinyl panels to simply and efficiently re-create the look of real baked bricks without their exorbitant cost or weight.

Vinyl brick siding

Achieving the look of baked red brick is no small feat, but vinyl siding manufacturers offer a variety of vinyl cladding products that imitate a wide range of real stone. The panels are made of resins and colored throughout the panel, which helps the product resist fading, weathering and damage caused by impact.

Each panel has staggered rather than squared-off ends so that end seams are hidden throughout the wall. Building supply companies that sell brick vinyl siding panels also offer a caulking mortar to further hide seams and give more authenticity to the look of hand-laid stones.

Brick vinyl siding colors come in several shades of red, like used red, as well as white and brown.

Brick vinyl siding costs

Vinyl brick cladding is a fraction of the cost of real materials. It can be purchased for as little as $180 for a half square, which covers 50 square feet. A 1,400-square-foot home would require roughly 28 boxes at a cost of $5,040. You also need to order the many accessories required to install vinyl siding, such as starter strips, J-channel for trim around doors and windows, and corner pieces. Completing your project with these accessories can add several thousand dollars to your vinyl siding cost.

Vinyl cladding installation

If the thought of ordering and installing all of these various components is causing you to re-think your re-siding job, consider hiring one of the contractors found through this site. These certified, pre-screened professionals have years of experience with all types of residential cladding materials and can simplify your home makeover job. The contractors found through this site also are licensed, bonded and insured* and can provide assurance of professionally completed work.

*See terms and conditions at: http://www.streetcertified.com/about/Terms.jsp

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