Vinyl Siding Cost - Brand Comparisons

Vinyl Siding Cost - Brand Comparisons

There are an infinite number of factors that go into pricing your vinyl siding job. An estimator will have to come to your property to accurately price your project. But if you are just looking for a general education on a few brand names, and ball-park price ranges, this information will get you started.

Vinyl Siding Cost for the Budget-Minded

If you want to re-side a rental or a flip, you probably want to spend as little as possible. CertainTeed offers a lower-end product line. Based on a small home--roughly 17 squares, equal to 100 square feet per square--vinyl siding cost could run as little as $10,000. This price is bare bones--in other words, you won't be getting upgraded insulation, soffits and fascia, or premium colors included.

Middle of the Road Vinyl Siding Cost

If you'd like a few bells and whistles, like an inexpensive color, some insulation, and soffits and fascia, Crane offers a mid-range vinyl siding product that could be great for your property. A typical 3/2 house, about 22 squares, might run somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000.

Dream Home, High-End Siding

If the home youare remodeling is your dream home, and vinyl siding cost is no problem, ask your contractor about Preservation High-Performance siding. It's pricey; about $30,000 for a one-story, smaller home. But, here's what you'd be getting: an insulation R-rating of 5.1 (the highest in the industry), category 5 storm durability, 1 1/2-inch thickness, and a great warranty. Contractors say that if you go with this system, your vinyl siding will be maintenance-free.

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