3 negotiation tips to lower fiber cement costs

3 negotiation tips to lower fiber cement costs

Can you remember back to the time when the marked price on an item was just the starting point for negotiating down to a lower cost? In those days negotiation was almost an art form and an expected part of just about any purchase. You might think that time is gone forever unless you're planning on buying a car, but you'd be wrong as the art of negotiation is still going strong--especially when dealing with home improvement contractors.

Fiber cement cost and the art of negotiation

It wasn't that long ago that most siding contractors had more work than they could handle, but the challenging economy of the past several years has put an end to that. Many contractors are searching for new projects and while the difficult conditions might be hurting you just as much as those in the construction industry, they might help get a lower price on your siding project. A siding contractor isn't going to do your job at a loss, but the opportunity to do your work might allow you to negotiate your way down to a lower fiber cement cost. Here are three bargaining angles:

  1. Schedule. Allow the contractor to do the project as their schedule allows rather than insisting on a particular start date. Contractors like having work lined up for the future.
  2. Brand. If you aren't set on a particular siding manufacturer, ask the contractor which fiber cement brand their distributor can offer them the best price on and how much savings can be passed on to you.
  3. Season. Fiber cement can be installed even when the temperatures drop, but most homeowners think of siding replacements during the warm months of the year. Ask the contractor how much you might save by giving them winter work.

Your negotiation skills might be a little rusty from under use, so brush up. You might need them to get a better deal on your siding.

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