5 ways to negotiate siding cost

5 ways to negotiate siding cost

You've driven the last nail into the exterior trim and painted your home's exterior for the very last time--you've finally made the decision to go ahead with installing vinyl siding for your house. But do you know how to negotiate the best deal for the siding cost, including installation prices?

Prepare for negotiating

The very first step before talking with a professional is to do your research. Make sure you have a basic idea about vinyl siding cost and major manufacturers. Research styles and material options so you know what you want out of your project before you bring a contractor into the deal.

Since negotiating a price can be challenging, consider these five tips to help you feel more comfortable with the art of negotiation:

  1. Comparing multiple bids is key when it comes to siding cost. Be sure to get three to five bids from different contractors, as vinyl siding costs vary from contractor to contractor. This may also give you the upper hand during negotiating as you develop better insight into typical costs and what to expect from the project.
  2. Be specific about the product you are interested in. This is important in making sure you and the contractor are on the same page. When you are collecting your bids, each contractor's bid should be for exactly what you want.
  3. Make a two-column list where the first column is for items you can't live without, and the second column is for items you feel you can give up. This may help you stay on track when negotiating.
  4. Ask about profit margin: Contractors often determine a project's overall cost by including a profit margin. Then, ask if they are flexible and willing to work on a smaller percentage of profit. If you don't ask, you may never know.
  5. The DIY factor: If you can remove or dispose of the old siding, or clean up the work area, ask the contractor what effect doing these jobs have on the bottom line.

Don't be surprised if you need a second meeting with the contractor. Negotiations can take time. However, taking the time up front, preparing and negotiating, may mean less hassle as the project moves forward.

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