DIY Repairs and Fiber Cement Cost

DIY Repairs and Fiber Cement Cost

Fiber cement siding costs a little more to purchase and install than some other siding products, but the higher price is usually worth it. That's because fiber cement seldom requires costly visits from siding crews for regular maintenance and frequent repairs. In fact, you can usually perform the minor required maintenance yourself.

DIY Maintenance to Lower Your Fiber Cement Cost

If you installed pre-finished fiber cement siding, you may only have two maintenance chores: keeping your siding clean and renewing the caulking around windows, doors, and siding penetrations. The better exterior caulks cost about three to five dollars a tube, and a good ten to fifteen dollar caulk gun should last you many years, if you clean it after each use.

Check exterior caulking each year because, even though fiber cement siding is resistant to rot, the materials it's covering usually aren't. Exterior caulk is often available in colors close to the color of your siding. Or, try a clear exterior caulk that's almost invisible.

Pressure washers can take care of most fiber cement cleaning chores, and homeowner-sized washers are available in gas and electric models that can run from about $100 to $500. A few considerations before purchasing a pressure washer include:

  • If you have a two story home, a more powerful pressure washer can reach high spots without using a ladder
  • Don't purchase more power than you need; commercial washers can cost $1,000 or more
  • Longer hoses and multiple wand heads can give you more cleaning flexibility

Perform your own maintenance to save money to lower your overall fiber cement cost when siding your home.


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