Roll new gutters into vinyl siding cost

Roll new gutters into vinyl siding cost

One of the advantages to installing vinyl siding on your home is that major exterior maintenance projects can become a distant memory. Scraping and sanding your old wood siding can be a thing of the past when all it normally takes to keep your home's new vinyl siding looking its best is a pressure washer or water hose. But don't overlook another exterior component that also helps to protect your house while the siding contractor is setting up shop -- why not install new gutters at the same time?

Add new gutters to your vinyl siding cost to reduce exterior maintenance

Gutters are available in several configurations and many different materials such as vinyl, aluminum, copper and even wood. However, they all serve the same purpose -- to protect your home's foundation from all the water dumped off the roof during a rain or snow storm. A sure sign that your gutters are defective, missing, or possibly clogged is seeing a small ditch beginning to form on the side of your house after a heavy downpour. Even if your gutters aren't currently leaking, if they have been in place for quite some time, there's a pretty good chance they could begin to in the near future.

Fortunately many siding contractors also install gutters, and they might even give you a price break on your vinyl siding cost if both improvements get rolled into one project. A few approximate linear foot prices you might expect to pay for various types of gutters:

  • Vinyl -- $6.50
  • Copper -- $13.15
  • Aluminum -- $8.30
  • Wood -- $15.85

These costs are from the R.S. Means Repair & Remodeling Cost Data guidebook for 2010 and may vary depending on the size of your guttering, your contractor, and where your home is located. The prices include material and labor. If you don't want to worry about your home's exterior maintenance for what should be a very long time, consider installing new gutters along with that vinyl siding.

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