How jobsite conditions affect vinyl siding cost

How jobsite conditions affect vinyl siding cost

You're planning a vinyl siding installation on your home, but all of the contractor estimates have come in much higher than you anticipated. What happened? A number of factors can raise siding estimates above what you figured from your simple cost per square calculation, but in many cases jobsite conditions at your home could be the real reason.

Jobsite conditions and your vinyl siding cost

According to your research, the vinyl siding you picked should cost about $75 a square when bought from a distributor. Your neighbor has a friend who knows a little about construction and he claims you ought to be paying about $120 a square for installation labor. However, every single one of your estimates is over those combined figures. What gives? For one thing, you probably forgot to include accessories into the rough siding cost per square you calculated, things like J-channels, corner trim, flashing, and nails. These necessary materials can add a tidy sum to your total.

But the steepest jump in a vinyl siding cost estimate can usually be attributed to your jobsite conditions. A few issues that can have your siding contractors breaking out their pocket calculators include these challenges:

  1. Multiple levels--The taller your home is the more you may be paying for installation labor. It takes time to move tall ladders and constantly shift walk boards around.
  2. No power--If you are building a new home and the power company has not hooked up the electricity yet, the siding contractor is going to have to use a generator to power all their tools. They may pass this extra cost on to you.
  3. Accessibility--Lugging boxes of siding around by hand may cost you; if the contractors are unable to drive right up to their work area, or one side of your home is blocked off by trees, the labor rate could escalate.

Jobsite conditions just about always play a part in your total vinyl siding cost, and unfortunately, they seldom lower it.

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