Installation charges and total siding cost

Installation charges and total siding cost

Many remodeling budgets are tight these days and if it's time for new siding, you may be searching for a material that can provide the most bang for your buck. Fiber cement and vinyl siding can be budget-friendly, and both products require very little annual maintenance.

Stone or brick veneer can also be good choices as they're practically indestructible. Visit any old town and you'll see how these favorites stand up to the test of time. Aluminum siding should also be considered; and while it might require a little more upkeep, no one can deny the continual popularity of wood. However, while comparing your options, don't forget the part installation labor can play in your overall siding cost.

How do labor rates affect your siding cost?

The amount of labor involved in siding a home can vary depending on the scope of work. Does the old siding need to be removed or new house wrap installed? Difficult onsite working conditions or the time of year can also affect the amount a contractor charges for installation. Labor costs often seem to increase seasonally when most siding contractors have a busy schedule.

When selecting a siding material to fit your budget, however, you can keep these approximate installation labor rates in mind:

  • Wood siding -- $1.13
  • Aluminum siding -- $1.29
  • Vinyl siding -- $1.34
  • Fiber cement siding -- $1.60
  • Brick veneer -- $6.70
  • Stone veneer -- $9.95

These prices are all per square foot of exterior wall area and for vertical panels, other than the two veneers. The prices are national averages and may vary in your area. While wood siding appears to be the most economical choice, don't forget to add in the cost for painting or sealing the material once it's on your home. The real winners in the budget battle might be aluminum, fiber cement and vinyl siding. Many of the available varieties are priced competitively, and their installation labor rates don't add much to your total siding cost.

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