Is siding cost your deal-breaker?

Is siding cost your deal-breaker?

Fiber cement has a few advantages over vinyl siding --a more realistic, wood-like appearance, for one thing, no expansion issues after installation for another. So why would you consider vinyl for your home? Often, it's a matter of budget. Most types of vinyl siding are less expensive than fiber cement, and installation labor can be less costly, as well.

Compare siding costs of vinyl to fiber cement

Fiber cement siding is very durable, fire- and insect-resistant. And if you choose prefinished panels, you may never have to paint the exterior of your home again. However, vinyl siding offers many of the same features, and it normally is less costly for materials and installation. According to the R.S. Means Repair and Remodeling Data guidebook, you might expect to pay the following for vinyl products:

  1. A single, eight-inch, vinyl siding panel in a thick, .048-inch gauge might average about $96 per siding square for the material and $120-$135 per square to install.
  2. A ten-inch, vinyl panel in a .048-inch gauge might average about $115 per siding square for the material and $120-$135 per square to install.
  3. Double, five-inch-vinyl panels in the same heavy gauge usually average about $92 per square for materials and about $120 per square to install.

How does fiber cement siding cost compare to vinyl? According to the same guidebook, you can expect to pay about $145 per square for ten-inch, fiber cement panels that have around eight inches of exposure. Typically, it costs about $151 per square to have them installed.

These numbers may not seem like much of a difference when compared to vinyl, but if your home requires 30 squares of siding, the lower vinyl siding cost can add up to better than a $2,000 savings. They're both great products, but if you have a tight budget, vinyl might be your top choice.

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