Keep vinyl siding cost low with aluminum trim

Keep vinyl siding cost low with aluminum trim

Many people choose to install vinyl siding on their home for its low maintenance qualities--the great styles and colors are just icing on the cake. But are you really making the exterior of your home low maintenance by installing the siding? What about paying for all of the wood trim that still needs to be painted?

3 areas where aluminum can keep vinyl siding cost down

Many houses have exterior wood trim in difficult-to-reach places, and if not painted on a regular basis, it can look even worse when contrasted with your new vinyl siding. Aluminum cladding may be the answer, and it should not add much to your vinyl siding cost.

Here are the trim areas where aluminum can replace the chore and expense of painting every few years. The prices for cladding are based on data from the R.S. Means Repair & Remodeling Cost Data guide and may vary depending on your particular situation, materials and the region where the home is located.

  1. Fascia. Difficult to paint with guttering in the way, but you may not have to if the trim is aluminum clad at about $3.15 per square foot.
  2. Window and door trim. Trim pieces can contribute to the curb appeal of your house and cladding can be done for about $4.00 a square foot.
  3. Rake boards. These peaks can be the highest point on your home. Expect to pay about $3.40 a square foot to cover them in aluminum.

If you normally pay a contractor to paint your house, consider aluminum trim to complement your vinyl siding, and you can pretty much forget about paying for exterior painting.

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