New vinyl siding: finding the best kind

New vinyl siding: finding the best kind

Finding the best new vinyl siding isn't a simple matter of buying the highest-priced material on the market. Today's vinyl cladding manufacturers all turn out high-quality products, including vinyl siding, trim, soffit and other accessories.

It's important to purchase a high-quality wall covering when remodeling. Top-grade vinyl cladding is much thicker than less-expensive materials, which means it's much more rigid and doesn't show defects in your home's framing. Look for cladding that is at least .042 inches thick or more. Many vinyl siding manufacturers' thickest cladding lines also are insulated, and though it costs much more than standard-gauge vinyl materials, the benefits can outweigh the additional cost.

Insulated vinyl siding

Architects and builders agree that insulated vinyl cladding is among the best products on the market for any type of cladding. Major vinyl building products manufacturers such as CertainTeed, Royal Building Products and Alside have premier insulated vinyl cladding lines that are fairly comparable to each other. Here's a closer look at each:

  • CertainTeed -- CertainTeed's CedarBoards XL line of insulated horizontal panels are .044 inches thick and come in 12 different colors. The rough-cedar finish panels are sold in double 6- or single 7-inch clapboard styles. The company says its DuraLock system provides an exceptional snap-fit system and wind resistance.
  • Prodigy: A division of Alside, the Prodigy line is .046 inches thick and comes in double 6-inch, single 7-inch and double 5-inch exposure. The texture imitates milled cedar, with up to 21 color choices.
  • Royal Building Products: Royal's Haven line is .044 inches thick and is available in 14 colors. The insulation is fully bonded with the siding, meaning the facing and insulation have, in effect, no separation. Royal says this process gives its Haven line 200 percent more bond strength.

In addition to added thickness and rigidity, another of the benefits of buying the best vinyl cladding is that it has reinforced nailing hems and stronger locking seams, which can lead to a more well-constructed wall when the job is finished.

Which type of vinyl cladding should you consider buying? Ask a trusted building professional, such as the licensed, bonded and insured* contractors found through this site, about their personal preferences for the best vinyl siding on the market.

*See terms and conditions at: http://www.streetcertified.com/about/Terms.jsp

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