Does redwood fit into your siding cost budget?

Does redwood fit into your siding cost budget?

Few siding materials can duplicate the warmth and vivid coloring of natural redwood siding, but is the wood really the best choice for your budget? If you're fortunate enough to be in a situation where initial cost and long term upkeep aren't a factor, redwood can give your home many years of attractive protection. However, if you're watching your pennies like many families these days, a few other siding options might make a little more financial sense.

How to calculate your potential redwood siding cost

Redwood is like many other woods used for siding in that there are various grades available. The one you choose can affect your cost. If you are planning to paint, a mid-level grade can usually suffice. Most flaws in the boards are sufficiently covered. However, redwood is more often stained or just sealed to show off the grain and colors. That means selecting a premium grade, and that is where you can increase your siding cost.

Depending on board size and where it's purchased, premium grade redwood can cost about $3.10 a square foot, and you might have to purchase a minimum amount. When you add in $1.15 per square foot for installation and $.62 for two coats of sealant or stain, that redwood siding is now costing almost $5 per square foot -- and that doesn't include long-term maintenance. It's easy to see why redwood might not be the best choice for families on a tight budget when compared to other exterior cladding such as these:

  1. Fiber cement siding -- $4.07
  2. Vinyl siding -- $3.00
  3. Aluminum siding -- $4.02

These prices are all per square foot and include installation costs. They may vary based on the style and size of siding purchased and where your home is located. While a dollar or two additional siding cost may not seem like much to pay for the beauty of redwood, if your home needs 3,000 square feet of siding, those dollars can add up to put a strain on your budget.




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