Vinyl Clapboard vs. Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding: Cost Discussion

Vinyl Clapboard vs. Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding: Cost Discussion

Vinyl usually calls to mind dull images associated with lower cost and less stylish homes. Since it's inexpensive to install, vinyl siding has long been considered a low-status option. Not so with new products such as vinyl clapboard and cedar shake vinyl siding - cost estimates for these products while still lower than wood, make them a premium choice. The benefit of these products is lasting, color, lower maintenance and greater durability against the elements and insects.

Style: Clapboard vs. Shakes

Vinyl clapboards have come a long way since the '70s. There are many colors to choose from and many accessories for a touch of style. Virtually any color, any shade, any tone is available at your fingertips. Vinyl cedar clapboard costs range from $2.50 to $4.00 per square foot installed .

Vinyl cedar shake siding provides the beauty of traditional wood shake siding--without the required maintenance. Detailed panels range in price based on design, shape, color and shingle patterns. Vinyl cedar shake siding varies in texture and tone.

Basic types of vinyl cedar shake siding cost approximately $4.50 per square foot. Higher pricing also is affected by the style of shake, some of which include scalloped, rough-cut, hand-split and staggered. The higher price (like that of wooden shakes) tends to limit the usage of vinyl shake siding.

Cedar shake vinyl siding gives an authentic wood appearance without:

  • seams
  • need for painting
  • maintenance associated with wood

Vinyl Clapboard or Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding Cost Estimates: What to Keep in Mind

When you get quotes, know the answers to these questions:

  • Are you removing previous siding?
  • Are there any repairs such as water damage beyond the siding layer?
  • Will you be damp-proofing your home?

No matter what style you choose, cedar shake or clapboard, vinyl siding costs will pay out in the future.

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