Vinyl siding cost: Is spring the cheapest time for installation?

Vinyl siding cost: Is spring the cheapest time for installation?

Have the longer days of warm weather revealed the ravages of winter on your home's siding? In many parts of the country, winter's extremely cold temperatures or frequent severe weather events force homeowners to wait until the weather warms up before scheduling exterior home improvements like installing vinyl siding.

Maybe as you read this, spring has passed you by and the days of summer loom too hot for you to think about vinyl siding. Costs often prove to be an obstacle during the warmer months, when vinyl siding contractors can typically have more work than they can handle. Deals on vinyl siding and installation typically show up as the fall holidays and chilly weather approach, and their business starts slowing down.

How seasonal timing affects vinyl siding cost

When it comes to deciding the best time of year for vinyl siding installation, another seasonal factor -- availability of materials -- can affect vinyl siding cost.

Depending on where you live, materials may be either scarce or more abundant in your region of the country at certain times of the year. If you plan to do the installation yourself, you may want to wait out the market until the cost of materials in your area drops. Unlike vinyl siding contractors who often buy ahead of time in large quantities because they keep on top of material pricing, you may not know in advance when prices rise or fall.

Biding your time until vinyl siding costs come down can save you money on the siding, but you may then have to store the materials until the weather cooperates for proper installation. If you decide to buy the materials in the spring and do the work right away, that might be fine, but you could end up having to install at an inclement time of year. Keep in mind that once you remove your old siding, you leave the home exposed to rain or snow that could trap moisture behind the new vinyl siding, causing future rot and mold.

Before getting involved in a project that could end up costing you more than you bargained for, explore pricing from certified vinyl siding contractors. You may pay for their labor, but you may also save aggravation and possibly avoid invalidating your warranty when you have a professional who is certified for your vinyl siding product do the installation. You also won't have to worry what time of year it is.

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