Vinyl Siding - Costs are Low, Style is High

Vinyl Siding - Costs are Low, Style is High

As the vinyl siding market matures, manufacturers respond to sameness by producing vinyl siding that looks more like the competition. Want it to look like wood? Can do. The same goes for other attractive materials used in homes since time immemorial. Prices vary somewhat depending on the look you want. The following is a sampling of alternate styles with vinyl siding prices quoted in 10' x 10' squares (sq).

Sample Cedar Vinyl Siding costs

  1. Heartland CedarMAX™ Thermal Siding mimics cedar planking in 17 different colors. Price per square: $200.
  2. Royal Duraplank replicates natural plank siding with its low-gloss woodgrain finish. Price per square: $210.
  3. ABTCo TimberCrest I/S copies the look of cedar shake siding in a variety of colors. Price per square: $160.
  4. CertainTeed Cedar Boards take on the characteristics of genuine cedar shakes and shingles. Price per square: $220.
  5. CertainTeed Monogram 46 provides a range of colors and the look of genuine wood. Price per square: $110.

The selection shown focuses on styles resembling wood since wood siding is a perennial standard. Although styles can emulate almost any exterior siding including brick, the variation in vinyl siding costs--broken down by style--depends more on fabrication than the looks of the finished product. Both #4 and #5 are from the same company and Consumer Reports testing gives both a nearly identical performance grade. The difference is due to the insulation included in number 4. In truth, designs other than a smooth extruded vinyl finish are easily achieved with a simple die.

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