Wood siding vs. vinyl siding: prices could be a deal-breaker

Wood siding vs. vinyl siding: prices could be a deal-breaker

It's tough to beat the timeless beauty of wood siding, and for some homeowners it's the only exterior siding material they want on their home. However, if the time has come to replace the siding on your house, comparing wood and vinyl siding prices might show that vinyl has some good points as well--especially where your wallet is concerned.

Wood and vinyl siding prices: the big picture tells the story

If you're trying to decide what type of siding material might be best for your home, budget is almost always a consideration--not too many homeowners have the luxury of making a choice without comparing costs. When looking at wood and vinyl siding prices, which is kinder to your wallet? This comparison may tell the story:

  • Wood siding. Wood siding comes in several styles, but one of the most popular is six-inch, beveled cedar. According to R.S. Means Repair and Remodeling Cost Data, you might expect to pay about $7.25 a square foot for the labor and materials to have this wood siding installed on your home. However, that's not quite the total cost--don't forget that wood siding needs to be painted or stained to help prevent moisture damage. The same guide states that you should add about $1.80 a square foot for a coat of primer and two finish coats to be brushed on, so the grand total is now about $9.00 a square foot for wood siding.
  • Vinyl siding. R.S. Means estimates that a thick-gauge, double five-inch vinyl siding should cost about $2.15 a square foot for labor and materials when installed on your home.

These costs are approximate and may vary depending on the materials and where your home is located, but if you're on a budget, vinyl siding might be looking pretty good about now.


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